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4 Lesson package

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This is a 4-lesson package.
You can find out more info about the lessons on
Call me any time for a chat: 310-902-0993

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48 hr cancellation policy.

20+ years teaching experience.

3 Degrees, all Summa Cum Laude, in Classical guitar performance and composition, jazz guitar performance, and Music Production and Engineering, from the world's best music schools (USA & Europe), including Berklee College of Music and Conservatory,.

As one of the busiest music instructors in Los Angeles, my students are all super happy with their results and progress they see.

I developed a high quality, thorough teaching plan, with thousands of high-quality, print ready hand outs covering everything guitar, theory, exercises, and so on.
No time is wasted during lessons me having to write down stuff.

You will progress faster than students of most any other teacher.
My proven method has developed over 22+ years of teaching 40 students every week.

For beginners: You WILL be able to play at least 4-8 songs in 1 lesson, EVEN if you had never touched a guitar before that lesson.

Intermediate & Advanced: You will accomplish all your guitar and musical goals in a very short amount of time under my instruction, training and coaching.

Some of my students never touched a guitar before they walk into their lesson, some are famous musicans and top level touring artists who want to keep pushing things to the next levels. My intermediate student steadily move to advanced levels.

Some of the things you can learn:

*Improvisation and soloing techniques
*Learn all your favorite songs in no time
*Ear Training
*Music theory
*Every possible guitar techique: tapping, bass slapping on guitar, sweep picking, etc.
*Everything about scales
*Everything about chords.
*Every style from rock, to jazz to classical.
*Recording and production.
*Electronics and equipment
*Slide guitar
*All 7 modes and their fingerings
*Classical guitar performance and technique
*Blues accompaniment styles, blues rhythm playing and improv techniques,
*All about rhythm: from swing, to Texas blues rhythm technique, to reggae, to funk *techniques, to advanced polyrhythms
*Finger picking techniques
*Improvisation in jazz, blues and rock idioms
*Squealing harmonics, tap harmonics, etc
*Guitarist psychology: how to find your own sound, overcome stage fright, and build stage presence and charisma,
*Learning guitar solos from the masters or your favorite bands.
*Advanced harmony and harmonic substitutions
*7-finger tapping
*Jazz comping
*The list goes on: no limit to what you can learn about music and guitar under my teaching.

I also provide:

*A song library with over 44,000 songs in any genre.
*A music library with hundreds of books.
*An extensive sheet music library and access to sheet music of any song you can think off in any style.
*My students love that I am hyper prepared and organized.

Support: you can contact me anytime with questions. I always respond to my students asap.

I am known to be a friendly, very patient, caring, relaxed yet driven and inspiring teacher with a great sense of humor.
My students love practicing because I give them short, efficient drills and exercises.
You will enjoy a more profound sense of achievement because you'll learn and accomplish more with lesser pressure and in lesser time.

More info:

Contact me anytime with any questions.
Looking forward to seeing you improve well and get very good.