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I love tutoring for many different reasons. One of the biggest ones are those "aha" moments when the light bulb goes off and a student "get's it". The "it" being whatever concept or strategy we have been working on. I love when the student understands the beauty that I see in a concept. I am grateful for this because I believe that every single student is able to understand the concept in their own way. My job is to build the bridge from point A to point B.
The bottom line-- results guaranteed.

Kindergarten to college algebra


The price is hourly. The elliptic curves in the photo are not included.

Hi! My name is Ronald Corona. I'm 19 years old, and relatively new to LA.

Math is perfect. It challenges the mind. It has the power to solve real life problems. It explains real observations. It appeals to intuitions most of the time, and takes us aback with the counter-intuitive results. It produces exact answers yet is abstract, yet purely objective and absolute. It's man-made, yet all the universe is modeled by math. It's incorruptible. It can create art. It can inspire creative thinking, and in that even solving problems is an art of its own. And yet, as subjective of an art that the means may be, the ends are still objective. It has practical uses, and yet you don't need to concern yourself with them, math stands all on its own. I can't discover a new continent, or be the first to step on the moon, yet I have this beautiful world and my fingertips which I love to explore.