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Jazz sax improv lesson with

Jazz Saxophone Lessons - w/ Grammy Winning Teacher

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4 One Hour Jazz Saxophone Lessons on how to improvise jazz on the saxophone. Rick is a Grammy Winning saxophone performer and teacher who has devised a method of teaching which cuts out years of slow progress in this 4 month proven system. See the proof in the video below. It usually takes most teachers at least 2 - 5 years to do what my students learn in 3 - 6 months. Listen for yourself!

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Watch the video above which shows how 3 of my students progress over 5 -16 lessons. They've never played before and after just 5 weeks they are learning how to improvise so that they can jam with a real band. My method of teaching saves you years of frustration. Watch and see these students aren't reading the notes, they are improvising while they look at the chord changes only.

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