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Spanish Summer Camp - Glendale

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Our camps are so much fun! We have them in Glendale and Hacienda Heights all starting around the end of June throughout August 2018.

Overall our camps are TOTAL immersion which means only the first 15 minutes of your student's first class will they student listen to English! After that they will be surrounded in an only Spanish-speaking environment throughout the whole day— !

The full immersion summer camp in Glendale starts on June 27- August 5, 2016. Classes run from 8:00am through 5:00pm with a two-30 minute breaks and a 60-minute break for lunch. They are lively and change every 30-minutes to a new engaging activity that will address a new skill each time. Since our camp will take place in summer kids will learn about typical Hispanic activities during this time. Crafts, music and play in Spanish are all connected with each lesson. The teacher student ratio is 1:6. We accept students ages 4-12. We may allow students younger based on their developmental maturity .


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We offer a new and different approach in ART, culture and language experiences in Southern California. We have a lot of fun and we make sure your students have a great time, too. We do our best to keep our students engaged. Sign up for a class and let us tell you about our broad experience with kids from Preschool through Middle School. "Señora Jackie" started this Program as response to parents who are eager to promote cultural awareness and language acquisition in a fun and exciting way in their native language as well as in other languages for their preschool through middle school students.CULTURAL BYTES is operated right here in Southern California. Other programs may offer similar services, but our services are the most creative and come with a personal touch. Our Instructors are ALL native speakers in the target language holding higher education degrees from the US and/or their country of origin. Men and women are all fully background checked, fingerprinted and VIRTUS certified.Instructors are trained to address different proficiency levels and age groups. They all love to share their unique culture through each of their classes.