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WhoTeaches was created to help independent instructors and tutoring organizations, start or grow their business, secure their income, and build a referral network of followers to help them maximize their reach to prospective students.

Promote your classes on the fastest growing tutoring community marketplace by creating Packages (bundles of private lessons). These Packages are perfect for sharing on Facebook and all social networks, or via Email. You can invite friends and clients to follow your profile and help you share your Packages with their friends.

Why create Packages?

  • Get exposure

    Display your contact info and bio on your profile, and receive messages from clients.

  • Get promoted

    Your offers are promoted on social networks and via email. More Packages = more clients.

  • Earn money

    The cheapest and easiest way to secure your income. Your prices. Your conditions.

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Ready to sell?

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"Samantha inquired about teaching a party for her and her co-workers already! This is perfect"

Raven R., Belly dance instructor

Affordable, secure, and flexible

Stop paying half your salary to tutoring agencies!

On WhoTeaches you can offer your private lessons as bundled offers. We call those Packages

Packages make it easy for parents and students to discover your profile and learn more about what you offer.

Activate each Package with these options:

No Commission

Annual listing

Per year
Two months free

Monthly listing

Per month
Cancel anytime

Low flat listing fee.
No need to connect with PayPal.

  • You decide how you get paid
  • Automatically renews until cancelled

Free to list



Service fee

2.9% + $0.30

Transaction fee

Low commission collected only when you sell.

  • Secure transactions
  • Immediate deposits
  • Seller protection

We use PayPal to process transactions on WhoTeaches. You and your buyers are secured by PayPal. We don't ask for your financial information and we don't store it. Buyers pay you directly by credit card or with their PayPal account.

Tutor benefits

Low fees

Unlike tutoring agencies that take 50% and more of your paycheck, WhoTeaches offers to help you find students and promote your classes for a fraction of the cost. When you create Package offers you may choose between two affordable activation options - low listing fees or low commission base sales with no listing fees whatsoever. Read more about our low fees here. WhoTeaches is, by far, the cheapest and most effective way for tutors to promote and sell their offers to clients and prospective students.

Sell online

Without the need for a personal website or an e-commerce solution, you can offer clients online payment by Credit Card or PayPal, with automatic invoicing, at no additional cost. Sign up, connect with your PayPal account, and start selling in minutes! Unlike the experience you would have under an agency, you get paid immediately, with your earnings sent directly to your PayPal account.

Secure your income

By bundling your lessons as Packages, you have more control securing your income and attracting new clients, rather than simply listing hourly rates as you would on tutoring sites. Packages can easily be shared by members and non-members through a personal email/Facebook message, and posted on all major social networks.

Sell anywhere

We constantly develop new ways for you to display your Packages on your own personal website through API integration. Most notably, our WordPress plugin will allow you to embed any of your Packages, or your entire profile with all your Packages right inside any of your pages or posts on your site.


WhoTeaches lets you build a referral network of followers to maximize your exposure to prospective students. Start asking friends, existing students, and parents to follow you and share your packages with their friends. Perhaps offer them a coupon discount for their trouble, and you will see how quickly your referral network grows!


WhoTeaches is an indespesable resource for parents and students who are looking for trusted tutors. Parents are much more likely to hire local tutors that their friends and members of their community follow and recommend. WhoTeaches makes it easy for parents to connect with other members in their community and share tutor recommendations.