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Introducing WhoTeaches Portal

WordPress Plugin

Embed any WhoTeaches Package, several Packages, or an entire profile right on your WordPress website.
Install "WhoTeaches Portal" and add a simple shortcode to any page or post.
It's free, requires no coding skills, and you don't even need a WhoTeaches account!

Profile Embed

Embed your own or any other WhoTeaches profile anywhere on your WordPress website.
Install the plugin and add the shortcode [WhoTeaches_Portal slug="your-profile-slug"] to any page or post.

We strongly recommend embedding a WhoTeaches profile on a dedicated page in your WordPress site for clarity. Adding a page to your site with a WhoTeaches Profile and its Packages adds valuable content to your website.

WhoTeaches Portal is an easy E-Commerce solution for tutors and tutoring services. You don't need to develop anything and you will be able to attract customers on WhoTeaches and your own website simultaneously!

Package Embed

Enter the shortcode [WhoTeaches_portal packages="first-package-url,second-package-url"] into any page or post, as often as you'd like, to embed any Package, or even several Packages, inside your WordPress articles.

Embedding Packages inside your WordPress articles is the ideal way to promote your own Packages. You link your private class offers with relevant content on your website.

Embedding Packages inside your posts contributes to your SEO ranking. It adds value to your content and increases your readers' interest in your articles.

Always updated

WhoTeaches Portal synchronizes its data through our API, so your profile and Packages will always show updated information.

Generates content

Generate valuable content for your website visitors with minimal effort. Offer incredible savings and embed content inside your blog posts.

Simple to use

Not technical skills required. Simply install and enter the shortcode anywhere on your website. You don't even need a WhoTeaches account.

Mobile ready

WhoTeaches Portal makes use of Twitter Bootstrap to offer adaptive design of its content on all devices - laptops, smart phones, tablets.