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WhoTeaches is an indespensable resource for parents, students, and anyone who wishes to find or discover tutors and other private instructors, in academic, music, and all other fields of instruction.

We are a community of friends who help each other find local trusted tutors and share recommendations of private class Package deals. WhoTeaches is the easiest way to find and save on in-person and online private lessons with trusted instructors.

"No more calling my friends up to ask if they know any great tutors. I have WhoTeaches and I love it!"

Meg S.

How it works

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Find your friends and make new ones with similar interests. Follow each other to share private class Package deals.

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Search for tutors your friends trust and explore their incredible Package offers, no matter what skill you wish to learn.

Achieve your goals

Achieve your goals

Learn in person or online with an expert tutor. Follow your dreams and give yourself the reward of learning a new skill.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    WhoTeaches is free for members and will always remain free.

  • Are classes on WhoTeaches given online or in person?

    Classes on WhoTeaches are given both online and in person. Tutors indicate where classes are given on each package page.

  • What payment options do you offer?

    You can pay by credit card or with PayPal (which can be linked to your bank account).

  • Do I pay transaction fees on purchases?

    No. You will not be charged any transaction fees.

  • Can I offer classes on WhoTeaches?

    Absolutely, we welcome all experts, in any field of instruction, to offer classes on WhoTeaches. You can upgrade to a tutor account, at any moment, for free. Make sure you are logged in and go to your Settings page. Click the "Switch to tutor account" link and follow the instructions.

  • Are tutors on WhoTeaches background checked?

    WhoTeaches does not run background checks on tutors using its service. Tutors on WhoTeaches are validated by the community, through social connections. Although not required, tutors may provide a link to their background check report on their profile.