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How to create a Package

Tutors and Organization accounts on WhoTeaches can create an unlimited number of private class Packages for sale, right from their profile page.
If you have a Tutor or Oragnization account and would like to create a Package, follow these steps:

Creating your first Package

When you sign up for a new account on WhoTeaches, you will be prompted to enter your basic account information.
In this dialog, you will be asked if you would like to create a tutor account. Select Yes.

Note: Even if you wish to, later on, upgrade (for free) to an Organization account, you will begin by setting up a Tutor account.
Verify your address, enter your fields of instruction, and click Save and get started.


Next, you will go through the set up process. This will take you through creating your first Package and connecting with your PayPal account so we can send you your money when your Package is sold.
There are no upfront fees on WhoTeaches, which means WhoTeaches will only collect a small service fee out of the sale (4.5%) when and if your Package is bought.

Click on Add Image and select an image file to serve as the cover image for your Package. It is important to select a high quality, age appropriate, and attractive photo that represents your class. The recommended dimensions for Package images is 850px by 400px.


Add details to your Package:

  • Choose a catchy title that clearly describes your class
  • Add the total price for the Package
  • Select a purchase limit per member
  • Add the total lifetime limit for the Package sales. For example, if you enter "5" as a limit, only 5 of these Packages will be sold on WhoTeaches, regardless of what member bought it. When the Package sales reach the limit, the Package will no longer be available for purchase and will be marked as Sold Out. You may increase or decrease the limit by editing the Package at any time. Leave this empty if you do not wish to set any purchase limit
  • Set the value of your Package. For instance, "10 Sessions of Individual instruction"
  • Finally, select where classes will be given - at your location (your home, studio, school, etc.), at the client's home, or if you wish to teach online using any available chat applications, such as Skype or Google Hangouts, select Online (remote)

WhoTeaches lets you add as many discount coupon codes per Package as you'd like. This allows you to promote your Package at various prices. Say you wanted to offer a special Facebook Friends Christmas discount? Click Add coupon code, enter a short descriptive coupon code, and enter the coupon value in either Dollar or Percentage value (example: for a 20% off discount, type 20 into the Worth field, and select "%" from the dropdown field next to it.)
You can make one of your coupon codes Public, so any member on WhoTeaches will see it and receive the discount at the time of purchase. Press the Click to make public button and it will turn green to indicate the coupon is Public. Click the button again to turn it back to Private.

You may remove any coupon by clicking the red Delete button on the right. Note that the coupon code will only be removed once you save your Package.


Finally, add a friendly description for your Package. Add rules and conditions that members must agree to when purchasing your offer, and embed a YouTube video on your Package page. To add a video, simply copy and past the entire web address (URL) of the YouTube video. Currently, WhoTeaches only displays videos hosted on YouTube.

When you're satisfied with your Package, click Continue to step 2.


Connect with PayPal to get paid

WhoTeaches uses PayPal to securely process all payments on WhoTeaches. We use PayPal because it is the industry leader in online payments, it is extremely secure, and most of our members already have PayPal accounts.

Since we use PayPal, we do not store any of your financial information on our servers. Any actions that require authentication with PayPal (when connecting your account, accepting our agreement, or purchasing a Package) are processed directly on PayPal's own server.


Connecting your PayPal account with WhoTeaches is done in two steps. First click on Connect with PayPal and a pop up window will appear. Note the web address for this window is on PayPal's secure server (

Follow PayPal's instructions to connect your account with WhoTeaches. To accept payments you must have a PayPal Business account. Upgrade your existing customer account to a Business account, if needed (it's free), or create an account with PayPal if you don't have one yet.


Once connected with WhoTeaches, you will need to accept our Payment Aggrement, which simply stipulates that WhoTeaches will be able to collect its 4.5% service fee from your account when you sell a Package. There is no charge for accepting the agreement with WhoTeaches and you may cancel it anytime on


Once you accept our Service Fee Agreement, you will be redirected to the final step. Here you will have the opportunity to share the first Package you created earlier with your students and friends.

If you wish to learn more about making the best out of your WhoTeaches profile, click on how to be successful on WhoTeaches to watch a short video.


Now that your account is set up, navigate to your profile page where you will find the Package we created.

To edit a Package, simply click the Edit button.
To visit the Package page, click the Package banner image.
If you wish to create another Package, click on Create new Package.