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Franchise solutions

Increase your franchisee online sales and engagement

Helping your franchisees grow

WhoTeaches has developed a unique online marketing and social engagement platform, in collaboration with large and small franchises. Our Franchise service helps franchisees increase their sales and build a network of followers who are incentivized to share their offers and grow their business. WhoTeaches is the most effective community website for franchises to acquire referrals at no cost, with minimal resources required to operate.

With WhoTeaches, franchises can create unlimited sub accounts for every franchisee and co-manage their profiles. With aggregated updates, and linked communities, you will have immediate access to practical business insights which would otherwise take longer to acquire and analyze.

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"I love WhoTeaches and the quality program they have created. Franchisees can create a professional profile and increase their online visibility through the social media networking they’ve developed. Being able to create and sell tutoring packages online has been the key to the program for us. And from that point forward social networking takes over and drives more business directly to us. It’s been great working with the team at WhoTeaches!"

Mark Mele, Co-Founder and CEO, Athena Learning Centers


Built for franchises

We developed WhoTeaches Franchise Solutions together with large and small franchises, to compliment the franchise business culture. Our suite of sales and marketing solutions help you increase your online and in-house sales, and improve your presence online. Create an unlimited amount of franchisee profiles, with unlimited Packages and coupon codes.


Run successful marketing campaigns on WhoTeaches and expand to all major social networks. With WhoTeaches, your marketing campaigns will not only result in an expansion of your network, but also in direct sales. First time clients are automatically converted to followers, so both your online and in-house sales will result in the expansion of your network and marketing reach.


WhoTeaches handles your online sales and promotions and lets you convert your existing franchisee communities to followers who extend your offers to friends. Direct all your promotions to Package pages and close sales in matter of minutes. We'll process credit card transactions for you and help you track your franchise-wide transaction history, with filtering by franchisee and scheduled royalty payouts. We only charge a small service fee for successful transactions.


WhoTeaches is a social network dedicated to private education, where friends help each other find private class package deals with teachers they trust. With a Franchise account you can combine all your franchisees' social networks into one aggregated hub, to which you can market your offers, and through it reach potential students with shared interests.

Business Development

Find out how your franchisees are performing - track their sales, marketing, and social activity on your Franchise timeline. Identify successful trends with popular posts and package offers, then suggest performance improvements to other franchisees. WhoTeaches helps you standardize your offers across franchisee profiles, and set a level of excellence expected from all franchisees. With your aggregated networks, you can more easily cross-promote your offers and help your franchisees reach prospective customers beyond their own client-base.


We offer dedicated support to all our Franchise clients. Our team will constantly work with you to improve your experience and results on WhoTeaches. Your success is our mission. Webinars are offered freely to our franchisees and combined with our tutorial videos, you can rest assured that integrating WhoTeaches into your business will not be confusing. In special cases, WhoTeaches experts can be booked for personal training. We offer phone and chat support, available exclusively to our franchise clients. In short, you're in good hands!


Creating profiles for your franchisees and your franchise headquarters allows great flexibility. Updating them with background information, social activity, promotions, and a dedicated network of followers, will drastically increase your findability. No other network, and certainly no static website, can compete with your WhoTeaches presence, since your franchisee profiles contain the latest, most relevant information for your existing and prospective clients. Beyond this, our team will be happy to work with your marketing department to maximize your exposure through WhoTeaches.


Our dedicated team of developers will gladly work with yours to integrate our API into your existing SIS, CRM, or any other management platform (coming soon). Synchronize your clients and transactions on WhoTeaches with your own platform. If you have special requirements, we'll work with you and make sure integrating WhoTeaches is smooth and seamless. WhoTeaches was built with Ruby on Rails by a knowledgable team and we're always looking to improve our platform. We're looking forward to your feedback and collaboration!