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We all know that education requires trust, and what a better way to find trusted tutors than through friend recommendation on WhoTeaches? Now, we are introducing County Community Pages, so you can easily find local tutors that are recommended by members in your county.

Discover the best private class package deals and follow your county community to get special promotions and updates. Connect with friends and other county members to share recommendations and maybe even introduce yourself and join a group class!

We always look for community leaders - parents, adult students, and teachers - who would like to help introduce and promote sharing of recommended tutors among parents and students in their county on WhoTeaches. If you want to be involved, please write us a message.

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Trusted tutors

Education is unlike any other service. It requires trust, and our children are the most important thing in our lives. We always look for tutors that our friends trust and that other members of our community know. When we look for private classes, we call friends up, post on Facebook, and ask our neighbors for recommendations. Well, that's what WhoTeaches is all about, and it's all online, free, and accessible 24/7.

Trusted reviews

Tutors can have a million positive reviews, but as long as we don't know who gave them those reviews, we remain skeptical. And for a good reason! To review Packages on WhoTeaches, members must first purchase them. This reduces the chance of tutors creating false reviews or paying to get them. On top of this, you can visit the profile of every member who reviewed a Package to see how they are connected, and whether you have any common friends.

Local tutors

When you visit your community, you will find Packages offered by local tutors who have been followed by members of your community and invited to join by your county community leaders. Narrow down your search by hiring tutors who have worked in your area with friends and other parents in your community.

Discover and save

A vacation is coming up and you're not sure what to do with the kids? Not a problem! Just browse through class packages on WhoTeaches and you'll find fun and enriching classes to enroll your kids for. Packages are often offered at reduced prices, and many tutors offer coupon discounts, so you will not only save time looking for options, but save money when you find them!